I cannot log into the support system

There are two aspects to this that our users need to be aware of.

When a user creates their first ticket in our system (usually using this page https://support.houseofmarkus.org/en/customer/create-ticket/) an account is automatically created for them. This account is created, but no password is created. So, for users who are usually trying to get access to the first ticket they created, they will need to first create their password to be able to log in and access their ticket. Use the forgot password link to do that (https://support.houseofmarkus.org/en/forgot-password).

Our membership website is a wholly separate system from this support ticketing system. This is a necessity in order to allow people who are not users of the website to submit questions. This means that your email/password that you use in the membership website will not work here unless you created a ticket using the same email address and you have set your password to be the same as well.

If you have created a ticket in this support system and received an email about a response, but you cannot log in, reset your password using the link above and proceed to log in and see the response.

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