How do I access my documents?

Users of The House of Markus Fellowship website can access their documents at any time, regardless of whether they are a member or a user under our NDA. To access your documents, use the following instructions (links are provided for your convenience):

  • Log in to the website
  • Go to your user account area. You can get there by clicking the text 'Account' in the upper right of the web page, and it will open a dropdown in which you will click 'Account Info'.
  • Follow the link that says "Documents" to access a page that lists your documents.
    • On devices with large screens, this will be in the left sidebar under the 'My Account' heading.
    • On devices with small screens, you will first have to tap to access the 'USER MENU' and the link will be under there.
  • Once on the Documents page, it will have the heading 'Generated Documents' and will list the documents that have been generated for you in our system. This includes your membership documents such as the NDA and Membership Agreement, as well as our educational document templates.
  • Use the eye icon   to view your document and also access related downloadable files like templates or instructions (like on the POA/DOS).

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