How are our websites set up?

The House of Markus Fellowship currently maintains three websites in its operations.

  • Our membership website (
    Contains articles, event information, courses and lessons, document and video library, educational document templates, and other content. Some content is public, some requires users to sign our NDA, and some is for members only.
  • Our community forum website (
    A site for members only - to have open discussion on the content of the website, ask questions, and discuss other topics such as the law, health and wellness, and philosophy.
  • Our support system (
    A site open to the public to ask questions related to the offerings of the fellowship.

The membership website, and the community forum use the same login and run off of the same account. The support system website uses a separate account to be able to allow the general public that may not want to be users of members of our other websites to ask questions.

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